How much meat will I get at a time?

Depending on the size of your share, you'll receive either 13+ pounds per month for 5 months (November - March) or 15+ pounds per month for 3 months (November - January). This easily fits into a regular refrigerator/freezer unit. Each pick-up will consist of at least two species, so you won't pick-up an entire bag of chicken or beef. Rather you'll find a nice combination of cuts and species each month. 


Am I buying a 1/4 cow? What cuts will I get?

No, you are purchasing an equitable share of our total 'harvest'. Members receive a combination of higher end cuts (steaks) as well as roasts, chops, ground meat, sausage, bacon and other special cuts such as leg of lamb, beef short ribs or ham.  Cuts are packaged 2 chops/steaks to a package, one pound of ground meat, sausage or bacon or2-4 pound roasts. Our members are our priority.  Members receive the best of the harvest and only then do we sell any cuts wholesale. We wholesale less than 4% of our product.


Can I choose my cuts?

No. You can tell us if you don't enjoy a particular species and we will replace that with more of what you do like. However, we make the selection regarding individual cuts. This is in order to ensure an equitable distribution. For fall/winter shares we send out a detailed survey asking for your preferences and do consult this each month when packing. You also will be asked to tell us how many folks are in your household so that we're sure to give you enough of any one cut for a fabulous meal together! So, smaller families may see more variety in smaller packages and larger families will be sure to receive enough of each item to make a meal. 


Why is the Primary Distribution in the Fall/Winter?

We raise animals on grass. Therefore we process in the fall for a distribution over the winter.  We put together packages of grill able cuts for our summer shares which are distributed in June and August. 


Is the Meat Fresh?

We distribute our cuts frozen. As a small farm we cannot possibly manage to move our product fresh.  In fact, no one can. Most meat you are currently buying in the butcher case 'fresh' typically has been flash frozen and thawed in order to appear fresh.  Our meat is flash frozen at the processing facility and stays 'fresh' in the freezer for up to 12 months. 


What is the Cost per Pound?

The Full share is roughly $9.70/pound, renewing members are paying $9.20/pound. This is a general price per pound which includes all cuts in the share - Ribeye steaks and leg of lamb down to ground beef, chicken and pork sausage. By purchasing directly from our farm where we are raising 100% of our animals, you are paying less than at your local (or not-so-local) natural foods store where organic meats are very hard to find.


Why Are You Not USDA Certified Organic?

 We are farming at a small scale and making incredibly conscious decisions about how we raise our livestock and poultry. Because we sell our product directly to our members and customers, and are more than willing to answer any and all of your questions, open up the grain box or let you tour around on your own, we feel that our farm operation is comlpetely transparent.  The USDA organic certification process for livestock is cumbersome and adds a significant expense to our operation. This expense would result in higher prices.  

We can assure you that we only apply manure, compost tea and clean certified organic wood ash to our fields and purchase Green Mountain Feeds  grain for our poultry and pork. Just ask, we're happy to show you!