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CSA Details

We are now taking reservations for Summer and Fall/Winter shares. We hope you'll join us!  Simply download the sign-up form and mail it to us with your deposit or pay via paypal at the bottom of the page. 

Community Supported Agriculture is a direct consumer-producer relationship which knits communities together by investing consumers in the farms within their region. By becoming a 'member' of Hettie Belle Farm, in addition to receiving high quality meats, you become a part of the farm and are invited to spend time with us here for special events, are given priority in reserving holiday turkeys, ducks and geese, and are provided a monthly newsletter rich in educational information on various cuts, cooking methods, recipes and more!

The CSA Options:
Full Share  - $630 shares are comprised of a total of 65 pounds of farm product distributed over 5 monthly pick-ups (November – March) of roughly 12-15 pounds each. Members can expect to receive a combination of pork, beef, lamb and chicken. 
Small Share -  $480 shares are comprised of 45 pounds of farm product distributed over 3 monthly pick-ups (November-January) 15 pounds each. Members can expect to receive a combination of pork, beef, lamb and chicken.
Summer Shares - $150 shares are comprised of 15 pounds of grillable farm product distributed once in the summer. Members can expect to receive a combination of pork, beef and chicken.  
*Don't eat lamb, pork or otherwise?? No problem. Let us know and we'll provide more of something you really enjoy! Each distribution will vary in cuts and product i.e. pork and chicken, pork, lamb and beef, chicken and beef, etc. 

CSA Shares are distributed in Florence, South Deerfield, Concord, Dorchester & Warwick MA, Brattleboro, VT and Keene, NH. At each location we have a freezer where we will leave tote bags with your month’s distribution. We ask that members come by and collect shares within 3 days of distribution. Should you be away, feel free to have a friend, neighbor or colleague collect your share on your behalf. 
Our share price reflects the real cost of raising animals on a diversified small-scale, with daily care and fed org. rations. The cheap prices found at the super grocers do not reflect the externalities (environmental, human health and animal welfare) in raising livestock on a large scale and pumping them full of waste feed concentrates and antibiotics. In order for small farms to return to our hillsides, we must decide that we are willing to pay, entirely, for what we eat.  Our animals are grazed together cows, sheep and poultry and moved to new grass everyday. Our poultry and pigs receive Green Mountain Feeds grain rations daily. You bet it costs more. 

We do not expect all members to eat twelve plus pounds of meat in a month. Some families can eat even more than this and might consider two shares.  The distribution schedule is based on the harvest. Cuts can be kept for a long time in your freezer. Think of your participation as meat for a year! Part of participating in a meat CSA is the educational value and experience of being an integral part of a local farm. It is important for members to understand that we are raising livestock for you. That one steer or lamb or pig can only be divided into so many chops, steaks and roasts. The meat CSA provides our member families with an experience that introduces them to often new and lesser-known cuts along with the more familiar steaks, hams and chops.  You can expect a monthly newsletter filled with info about the best way to prepare your cuts, how to get many meals out of one bird or roast, lots of recipes for rubs, pastes and various cooking methods. 

We are committed to working with each member to best accommodate your preferences but cannot make promises about particular cuts other than that each share will be comprised of an equitable combination of higher end cuts, roasts and ground meat. We are happy to exchange goose for chicken, turkey for lamb, etc. for members who’d like. Be sure to let us know at the time that you reserve your share.

We can make soup/stock bones and organ meats and lard available upon request.
To reserve your share today simply download the CSA sign-up form at the top right of the page and mail it in along with your $150 deposit. You can also pay via Paypal or with SNAP benefits.  

$630 Full Share. Shares purchased through paypal include a service fee.

$150 Deposit. Shares purchased through paypal include a service fee.

$480 Small Share. Shares purchased through paypal include a service fee.

 $150 Summer Share Shares purchased through Paypal include a service fee. 

$600 Renewal Share (Full Share) Balances paid through Paypal include a service fee.

$450 Renewal Share (Small Share) Balances paid through Paypal include a service fee.

Our business is based on raising meat and poultry on grass for local families.  We believe that a family can indeed carve out a humble livelihood farming at a scale that best serves the livestock, the farmer and the land we depend on. We are focused on finding families who want to be a part of this movement, desire a farm to call 'home' and share the value that meat is a particularly celebratory commodity - in other words, when we eat meat, we are eating animals with whom we are in relationship. 


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